4 Stroke GY6 180cc Engine Motor with Auto Centrifugal Clutch Transmission Electric/Kick Start, Build-in Reverse for 180cc 200cc ATVs Go Karts UTVs

4 Stroke GY6 180cc Engine Motor with Auto Centrifugal Clutch Transmission Electric/Kick Start, Build-in Reverse for 180cc 200cc ATVs Go Karts UTVs

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4 Stroke GY6 180cc Engine Motor with Auto Centrifugal Clutch Transmission Electric/Kick Start, Build-in Reverse for 180cc 200cc ATVs Go Karts UTVs

Model Number:#308-999045
Item Condition:Brand New
Color: Black + Silver

Brand New High Quality GY6 180cc Short Case Engine Motor, Use 743 Belt, 4 Stroke Oil Cooled and Forced Air Cooled Horizontal Engine, Auto Centrifugal Clutch Transmission, Electric/Kick Start, Build-in Reverse.

180cc-200cc ATVs, UTVs and Go Karts with GY6 engines are compatible with this engine. It also fits for most China made 180cc 200cc engine vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: GY6 180cc 200cc motors come in different sizes. Please measure the physical size to be sure you get the correct one.

Engine Model 308-999045 Engine Number JN1P63QMK
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Horizontal Engine Cooling System Oil Cooled and Forced Air Cooled
Cylinder Working Volume 0.0468gal (177.3ml) Cylinder Compression Ratio 10:1
Cylinder diameter 2.46" (62.5mm) Piston Stroke 2.26" (57.4mm)
Ignition Advance Angle 131 (1700r/min); 281 (4000r/min) Port Timing Intake Valve: On: 5 Before TDC, Off: 25 after BDC; Exhaust Valve: On: 35 before BDC, Off: 8 after TDC
Oil Pump Type Rotor type Lubrication Pressure/splash
Power Output Shaft Direction Right Rotate Valve clearance In: 0.04-0.06mm, Out: 0.05-0.08mm
Clutch Type Automatic Centrifugal Clutch with Dry Shoes Transmission Continuously Variable Speed + (forward gear) Two-stage Gear Reduction, (Reverse) Three-stage Gear Reduction
Forward Gear Ratio 6.516 (primary: 2.77, final: 2.35) Reverse Gear Ratio 24.24 (primary: 3.15, secondary: 3.27, final: 2.35)
Standard Power and Standard Speed 7kW/7000r/min Maximum Torque and Corresponding Speed 11N m/6000r/min
Maximum Power and Standard Speed 7.5kW/7500r/min Minimum Non-load Stable Speed (Idle Speed) 1700100r/min
Minimum Fuel Consumption Rate 367g/kW h
Ignition Method CDI Starter Method Electric/Kick starter
Carburetor Type Vacuum Film Carburetor Carburetor Model PD24
Spark Plug Type M101 Spark Plug Model A7RTC
Magneto Type Flywheel Magneto Model GY6-18(LJ)
Oil Tank Capacity 0.25gal (0.95L) Gear Oil Capacity 0.079gal (0.3L)
Dimensions (LWH) 25.83"x16.61"x11.85"(656422301mm) (without carburetor) Net Weight 68.35lbs (31kg)
Fuel Grade Unleaded Gasoline Above #93 Engine Oil Grade SF 15W/40
Exhaust Temperature <=788F Oil Consumption Rate <=8mg/kWh

1. Built-in Reverse: Makes it easier to control your bike for moving forward and backward via operating the gear change pedal. Great features include user-friendly operation, high reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

2. CVT: CVT consist mainly of 2 transmission pulleys and 2 transmission belts. Its compact, simple design offers seamless shifting between an unlimited amount of varying gear ratios, allowing a smooth rate of acceleration.

3. Crank Shaft: The engine is low speed with high torque and has large diameter bearings for crankshaft connecting rod, increasing the reliability of the bearings.

4. Forced Air-cooled Engine: There are metal fins covering the outside of the cylinders and the heat generated by the engine is released directly into the air when the cooling fan blows air over fins. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, wide adaptability to climate change, rapid start up and no need of radiator.

5. High-flow Oil Pump: Reduces the wear of friction pairs and prolongs the engine service life.

6. Lubricating Oil Strainer: Helps removing solid contamination from lubricating oil, largely reducing the wear of friction pairs and prolonging the engine service life.

7. Aluminum Cylinder Head & Body: Improves the heat dissipation capability, cuts the weight and increases the torque of the engine.

The location of the engine manufacturer number: The left side of the left crankcase, the lower part of the crankshaft output end, and the convex surface on the left side of the oil drain screw hole.

Usually the weight of the bike is less than or equal to 396.83lbs (180kg), and the load capacity is less than or equal to 300.7lbs(150kg)


The quality engine system production complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All the engines have passed the 200-hour enhanced durability bench test and the 20000 km road test. The engine has the similar performance, facility and reliability as many brand engines, such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and so on. It also obtained the DOC authorization. Please do not compare our engines to other low quality engines, we only sell high quality engines.

All engines have the identification, gears and oil labels. You can buy with confidence.

This engine assembly comes with INTAKE PIPE and SPARK PLUG. It doen't come with Carburetor, Battery, CDI, Voltage Regulator and Ignition Coil.

Material: High quality aluminum cylinder head and aluminum cylinder body

Transportation: Before shipping, the oil in the engine will be released and repackaged to avoid leaking. We also package the engines with five-layer anti-earthquake carton boxes to ensure the items arrive in perfect condition.

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To ensure smooth operation, we recommend customers replacing following parts together with the old engine: Carburetor, Battery, CDI, Voltage Regulator, Ignition Coil, Starter Relay, Air Filter, Gas Tank, Main Wire Harness Assembly, Switch Assembly, Throttle Cable, etc.

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The appearance of the actual product may be different from the one in pictures, but it won't affect the nomal function, please subject to the our available products

Shipping Info

Please be advised that at this time we do not ship internationally including the following states: Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This part might fits these types of vehicles:

  • 200cc Full Size ATV

  • 200cc Full Size Go Kart

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